Love Letters from His Princess Bride

My Eternal Bride

I want to reveal a sacred to you, My beloved. Although I am your God, I am also your eternal Husband. I will come soon to carry you over the threshold into eternity. My desire is to lift the veil from your eyes that you might see who you really are, My Princess, My Bride. I am the Lover of your soul. I long to get close enough to give you a glimpse of My eternal love for you. If you will seek Me with all your heart, I will reveal Myself to you in extraordinary ways. If you will come before Me and ask, I will give you a new hope in your heart that will change your view of Me, of yourself, and of the world around you forever.

Your Creator and Husband

The Lord All- Powerful, the Holy God of Israel, rules all the earth. He is your Creator and husband, and he will rescue you.” (Isaiah 54: 5)


My Lord and Husband

I am in awe. What a strange and woundrous thought to think of You, my God, as my eternal Husband. There is something so astonishing about discovering I am Your Bride, the Bride of Christ. Yes, I want You lift the veil and let me see You as my Prince and me as your Princes Bride. You are the one true love my heart has longed for all my life. So today I stand at Your altar ready to surrender my heart, my soul, and all that I am… May I find myself as I begin to seek You with all that is within me.

Your Princess Bride

” Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding oh the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. ” ( Revelation 19: 7)



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